It’s that time of year.  This month roughly 4.3 million students in the United States are donning caps and gowns and walking down the aisle to receive their high school diplomas.  Of those graduates, just over 3 million of them will head off to college in the fall.  In addition to helping them pack clothes, computers, first-aid supplies, and dorm-bed size sheets, supportive  parents will want to arm them with one more essential:  a strategic success plan.  Answering the call for the 1.8 million young women who will join the college-student ranks is the brand new book 5 Must-Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl “hot off the press” just in time.

Author Lauren Salamone, award-winning mentor to college women, has compiled her most powerful strategies into a success book exclusively for college girls. The timing couldn’t be better.  Studies reveal it’s now more important than ever for college women to succeed due to the increasing number of females becoming major bread-winners today.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women are on the verge of outnumbering men in the workforce for the first time.  But it’s also true that students are increasingly finding it challenging to achieve college success, especially in four years.  A report published recently by the Education Trust, an independent nonprofit organization, found that only 37% of first-time freshmen entering four-year bachelor’s-degree programs actually complete their degrees within four years.  The problem is – especially with the price of college tuition outpacing inflation annually – it can get very expensive when those four years turn into five or even six.

According to the author, “My mission when mentoring college girls today is to give them the tools they need to EXCEL in college while still enjoying the FUN so crucial to the experience.  It’s definitely an achievable goal, but I’ve found students need to have a fundamental success plan in place in order to truly thrive.  And the sooner the better.”

The book came about organically.  A former high school English teacher, Ms. Salamone was called upon to mentor her own former students as they transitioned to college.  Her mentoring services quickly grew in response to high demand.  And finally she founded her mentoring company CollegeGuidanceGuru.com in order to make her sought-after expertise available to more college women.  For some time, students and parents have been requesting she make her guidance available in book-form.  Now she has done it, and to rave reviews.  One recent Lesley University grad, Ashley DePasquale, asserts that “5 Must-Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl bridges the gap between a mediocre college experience and a home run.”

Says Ms. Salamone, “the secrets I share in this book show young women how to build a foundation for brilliant success in college…and for the rest of their lives.”  The book also features tips and advice from recent college grads as well as an Action Guide to help girls immediately apply the success strategies to their own lives at college.  Perfect timing for a college woman’s summer reading list!