About Us

Letter From the Owner

I’ll never forget my first phone call from a parent. She was crying. My heart sank.

But I soon realized that her tears were happy ones when she started exclaiming that her 10th grade child had made honor roll for the first time since elementary school. I had been his tutor for about nine weeks and she credited his success to our work together. The feeling that I had been a part of his success and helped him realize his true potential was indescribable. I was hooked on tutoring from that moment on.

I still remember this student well since he was my first assignment. He was a sophomore in high school, diagnosed ADD, and painfully shy. He was the kind of student that would get overlooked in a large classroom. He was prone to not focusing but was very reserved and well behaved so I imagine a teacher wouldn’t notice if he had gone off track. I was initially contracted to work with him on geometry but, as the tutoring progressed, we realized that he also needed to work on overall study skills and organizational skills so we worked on all of his core classes.

I worked with many more students before finishing my Masters in Teaching in 2006. As a result, I realized that I wanted to continue tutoring rather than move into classroom teaching. I felt like I could reach students and help them on a deeper level when working 1:1 than I was capable of doing in a classroom with 20-30 other students. So, Tri-Ed Tutoring was born.

As Tri-Ed grew, I needed to add tutors to our team. One of the primary characteristics that I look for in each tutor is that same passion that drew me to tutoring. Our tutors are passionate about helping students and love to see the proverbial light bulb go off.

Over 10 years later, I’m still very proud and humbled by all of our students’ success stories and by the continued dedication of our team.

About Us

Tri-Ed Tutoring is a family-owned business that provides private in-home and online tutoring services for all subjects and grade levels, including SAT and ACT prep. We currently have tutors available in most northern Virginia and DC metro areas. Our tutors work around your busy schedule to find a time and location that is convenient for you. Our goal is to provide individualized instruction to each student to target his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Tri-Ed Tutoring, LLC is to provide individualized instruction to its students in order to give them the confidence and skills needed for academic success. At Tri-Ed Tutoring, LLC, we believe that every student can succeed and it is our job to help them realize their abilities and accomplish their goals.

What Our Parents Say…

It took a tragedy in our lives to realize what a great investment tutoring is for our son. Our counselor recommended tutoring for our oldest son after the tragic death of his younger brother. The tutoring we received through Tri-Ed not only kept our son on track through the remainder of his junior year but also helped us as parents when we were going through a difficult time. We were so pleased with his tutoring experience his junior year that we continued it into his senior year with both SAT and AP math & science preparation. The best part is our son now has a different view of what tutoring is all about and we know that he will not hesitate to seek out a tutor in college if he needs assistance. We are so pleased with all of the tutors we encountered through Tri-Ed and really wished we had started earlier. We highly recommend Tri-Ed Tutoring.