Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the tutoring take place?

The tutoring can take place in the student’s home, a public library, after-school facility, bookstore, etc. We can also conduct online sessions. The tutor and student decide on a location where there will be a limited number of distractions.

How many days a week should the tutoring take place?

This varies greatly between students. Most students start out with one hour a week per subject area that they would like to cover. If the student needs a significant amount of remedial work to catch him or her up, he or she may want to start out with 2-3 hours per week. The amount of hours per week can be increased or decreased at any time based on the student’s needs.

What do you work on during the tutoring sessions?

During the first session, the tutor will informally assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses by reviewing his or her current classwork, tests, and quizzes. It is a good idea for you or your child to have past tests and quizzes, report cards, comments from the teacher, or other information that would be useful for understanding the student’s needs during the first session. With parent’s permission, the tutor can contact the student’s teacher to better align the sessions with the classroom curriculum. After the tutor has a better idea of where the student is, the tutor may work on current class work, organization, study skills, remediation, enrichment, etc.

What qualifications do your tutors have?

All of our tutors have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Our tutors include graduate or professional school students, certified teachers, and professionals with a love of teaching. The common thread between all of our tutors is their expertise in their subject matter and their desire to help their students succeed.

How is a tutor chosen?

We consider all of the student’s needs and take special care to really understand our families’ goals, interests, and personalities. Our main priority is to match students with tutors so that the students find them relatable and inspiring.

What if the tutor is not a good match for my son or daughter?

At Tri-Ed, we feel that one of the most important keys to success through tutoring is having a tutor that is the “perfect match” for the student. This means that a tutor should be able to effectively convey his or her message in a way that the student understands as well as be able to motivate the student to want to learn the material. If you do not feel like a good match has been made, please contact us at any time to discuss this issue.

How do I know if my son or daughter needs a tutor?

There are several signs that your child would benefit from a personal tutor. Some signs include:

  • A sudden drop in the student’s grades
  • Difficulty completing homework assignments
  • Incomplete homework or class work
  • Lack of confidence or strong dislike of the subject matter
  • Weak study skills
  • Test anxiety and/or Poor organizational skills.
    A personal tutor can help target a student’s weak areas and help him or her work to improve in those areas.

Is there a long-term contract?

No. We offer flexible, month-to-month agreements that can be cancelled at any time with no additional fees to you.

What are your fees?

Hourly rates range between $85-105, depending on desired tutoring service.

Are there administrative costs or enrollment fees?

No, 100% of the cost goes towards tutoring.

What type of payment do you accept?

We offer convenient, automatic billing. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Debit cards.

What is the SAT Guarantee?

We guarantee that a student will increase his or her scores 100+ points after 20+ hours of tutoring. In order to be eligible for the guarantee, students must complete the pre-test prior to the start of tutoring, complete all homework assignments throughout the course of tutoring, and begin tutoring at least 8 weeks before the test date. If a student does not improve by at least 100 points, he or she will receive 8 free tutoring hours to use towards preparing for a future test date.