Online and in-person tutoring options

How COVID-19 Changed How We Do Business

During the COVID-19 Pandemic we shifted to all online tutoring as recommended by CDC guidelines.  Fortunately, we were no stranger to online tutoring sessions and had actually worked with students as far away as Madagascar, years before COVID-19. However, what was once a back-up option to in-person tutoring became our only option in March 2020. As we emerge out of this strange time, we are now offering in-person tutoring again depending on subject and location and continuing to offer online tutoring.

Is online or in-person tutoring right for your student?

Things to consider when deciding your preferred option. 

  • Online tutoring provides access to all tutors rather than only those that are geographically close to you, resulting in the most ideal tutor/student match.
  • Online tutoring allows for greater flexibility.  Shorter, more frequent sessions can be more convenient and beneficial.
  • Online tutoring can take place from any location so there are less disruptions due to travel, sick days, weather disruptions, etc. 

We have tutors that can support and assist your student.

Our one-on-one services include the following:

Academic Manager

  • Teach study skills, time management, and organizational skills
  • Develop a personalized study schedule/routine
  • Track assigned and submitted homework assignments
  • Provide academic support and motivation, especially during the transition back to a full five day in-person schedule


Subject Tutor

  • Provide instruction on a specific subject
  • Align tutoring sessions with class or homeschool curriculum
  • Address gaps in content area from previous years
  • Build confidence and improve grades

SAT/ACT Prep Tutor

  • Review content for all multiple-choice sections of the SAT or ACT
  • Create a personalized SAT/ACT prep plan
  • Teach test-taking strategies
  • Improve confidence and increase scores

Click here for more information on our 1:1 SAT/ACT Prep. Click here for SAT/ACT prep class schedules and registration.

Enrichment Tutor

  • Assess current strengths, weaknesses, and interests
  • Provide challenging lessons that engage students
  • Assign additional, project-based assignments to supplement online learning

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