Although there is no substitute for taking full length timed practice tests as we mentioned in our last blog post on the best SAT prep books, it isn’t always feasible to carry around a five pound study guide. With the ease and convenience of mobile applications, you can study for the SAT or ACT test anytime, anywhere. Apps not only provide relevant content material, they can also create a study timeline, personalize a study plan and track academic progress. Here are a few free apps designed specifically for SAT and ACT study prep.

1. Ready4 SAT App
The Ready4 SAT App offers over 1,000 SAT questions with answer explanations, hundreds of flashcards, interactive lessons and customizable practice tests. Practice test scores are tracked and analyzed to determine strengths and weaknesses. The app also includes a listing of SAT score requirements for 400 colleges. Cost: Free

2. Khan Academy App
The Khan Academy App includes over 10,000 videos and 40,000 practice questions in math, science, history, economics, finance and more. Brush up on linear algebra, biology, grammar and other SAT/ACT concepts through Interactive exercises and assignments. While the app itself is subject-content focused, Khan Academy in collaboration with College Board created an entire website dedicated to SAT prep. The Official SAT Practice website is a compilation of eight practice tests, thousands of practice questions, videos, interactive lessons and expert SAT strategies. A personalized study plan tailors lessons based on concepts that were missed on the PSAT test. Cost: Free

3. Ready4 ACT App
Similar to the Ready4 SAT App, the Ready4 ACT App consists of 1,500 ACT practice questions, 100+ flashcards and customizable practice tests. The app also tracks performance, identifies strengths and weaknesses and compares test scores and academic goals with admission requirements and academic programs of 400 top colleges. Cost: Free

4. The ACT Online Prep App
The ACT Online Prep App designed by ACT, Inc. provides a personalized learning path with engaging built-in games and a library of resources on all ACT content material. A timeline and easy to use dashboard monitor academic progress. This app can only be installed by ACT Online Prep users. Cost: Free

5. Vocabulary Builder App
The Vocabulary Builder App by Magoosh incorporates a vocabulary game with 1,200 vocabulary words and example sentences for each word. Since a strong vocabulary enhances reading comprehension and writing, this app is recommended for both SAT and ACT test prep. Cost: Free