I admit that, when it comes to tutoring, I am old school. I like meeting with a student face-to-face, sitting down at the kitchen table or grabbing a latte at a local coffee shop with a ten pound pile of books. Prior to COVID-19, online tutoring felt more like a back-up option for times when in-person wasn’t possible, such as on a snow day. However, as we have had to move all tutoring online in the last few weeks, the benefits of online tutoring have become clear.

Technology has made it possible to share material online and still teach as if the tutor and student were in the same room. Many parents appreciate the consistency and support of online tutoring, especially during this season when students have plenty of time to learn. We have seen many benefits from online tutoring over the past few weeks, including increased tutor selection, accountability, structure, flexibility, convenience, and consistency.

Increased Tutor Selection

When deciding to “meet” with a tutor online, your tutor selection is not constricted by physical location. Without geographic limitations, you can be matched with a tutor based on expertise and personality as opposed to who is willing and able to drive to your house. You can find just the right tutor match and receive the same services and resources as you would with in-person tutoring.


As a high school student, you are held accountable by teachers, and often your parents, to turn assignments in on time and maintain your grades. A tutor can also hold you accountable and that can be extremely advantageous because he or she knows exactly what you do and don’t understand about a subject. Just knowing you have support from a tutor can build your confidence and improve your engagement in the learning process.


At times, it can be a challenge to motivate yourself and complete homework assignments on your own. One benefit of a classroom setting is the daily structure and routine. Tutoring can provide that same structure as the tutor guides each session and ensures new concepts are understood. Sometimes all it takes is a weekly one-hour session to keep you focused and on task.


A huge benefit of virtual tutoring is the flexibility it provides. Since you’re not committed to a specific location, you can communicate with your tutor a few hours in advance and request a session for later that day. You can also schedule shorter, more frequent sessions with your tutor throughout the week. As technology becomes more and more versatile, virtual tutoring will become that much more flexible.


Online tutoring can take place anytime and anywhere with internet connection. You can learn in the comfort of your jammies and slippers, with double stuffed Oreos in one hand and a glass of milk in the other. Audio and visual capabilities, as well as screen sharing options, enable you to communicate effectively and conveniently through technology.


External circumstances such as illness and inclement weather can prevent you from meeting with your tutor on a consistent basis. Since viruses can spread quickly, it makes sense to cancel an in-person tutoring session if you’re not feeling well. However, you can still “meet” your tutor online without the fear of spreading germs. As we practice social distancing to avoid the spread of coronavirus, online tutoring is much safer than in person tutoring. You can enjoy all the benefits of tutoring without the potential of getting sick.

Likewise, inclement weather can prevent you and your tutor from meeting, but just because you can’t meet in person doesn’t mean you can’t meet online. Since these circumstances don’t impact your ability to meet with a tutor online, you can maintain consistency with your weekly sessions.

If you think online tutoring might be right for you, give us a call!