If your student is taking the ACT with Extended-Time Test Accommodations please make note of this important change to the ACT extended-time policy.
In September, extended-time accommodations will change.  Students will no longer be given a 5 hour time limit to finish the test at their own pace.
The new policy will allow time and a half on each section of the test with a hard stop after each section.  The change only impacts students who apply and qualify for National Extended Time testing.
The ACT announced the time limits for extended testing:
  • English – 70 minutes (compared to 45 minutes standard)
  • Mathematics – 90 minutes (compared to 60 minutes standard)
  • 15 minute break after the second section
  • Reading – 55 minutes (compared to 35 minutes standard)
  • Science – 55 minutes (compared to 35 minutes standard)
  • Short Break before the Writing Test (time not specified)
  • Optional ACT writing test (essay)- 60 minutes  (compared to 40 minutes standard)
Of Note:  All students must register for the test in order to apply for accommodations.  Tri-Ed Tutoring recommends all students seeking accommodations register for the ACT 8 weeks in advance in order to ensure their application for accommodations is reviewed in time.
The September ACT test is scheduled for September 8th, the registration deadline is August 10th.  Tri-Ed Tutoring recommends all students applying for accommodations for September test do so by July 14th.
For more information about how to apply for accommodations click here: http://rcl.ink/Xk7 and watch our video here: http://rcl.ink/epa
For more information on ACT Extended-Time accommodation click here: http://rcl.ink/Xkj
For the official statement by ACT on the changes to Extended-Time please click here: http://rcl.ink/XkF
Additional questions?  Please feel free to ask here or return to our Facebook page  http://rcl.ink/XkH on Tuesday at 1 pm (EST) for our weekly question and answer.