There’s a disease called senioritis, and we hear it’s contagious. It usually peaks around February of senior year, after early decision acceptance letters have been opened and college plans confirmed. Symptoms include a lack of motivation, decreased attention to detail, inability to concentrate, and tardiness. These symptoms can spread very quickly (especially on senior skip days!). When you feel them coming on, use these tips and tricks to remedy senioritis.

The contingency clause

When accepted into college, there is always a contingency clause. This means you are accepted as long as you pass all of your classes senior year, maintain class attendance, and graduate on time. A university has the right to rescind financial aid, place you on probation, or even deny your acceptance if you don’t keep your grades up senior year. Keep this in mind when those senioritis symptoms appear.

College credit

Don’t slack off on AP and dual enrollment classes. Earning college credits in high school saves you time, money, and effort in college. Learn as much as you can so you can ace those end of year AP exams. Stay focused and don’t lose sight of your goals and future plans.

Challenge yourself

Now that the pressure of applying to college is behind you, take on a challenge or two to keep your mind engaged in the learning process. If you’re into robotics, challenge yourself by building a multi-command robot. If you love to paint, teach yourself a new painting technique. Whatever challenges you, do it!

Stay organized

Many times, a lack of motivation can lead to disorganization, making it difficult to track homework assignments and due dates. Remember that planner and those organized binders from the beginning of the school year? If they have been sitting on your desk unused, brush off the dust and start using them again. Designate a place for all school supplies, keep a homework to-do list, and pack your bookbag the night before school to stay organized. For organizational tips and strategies, print out our organize for success checklist (and use it!).

Study smarter, not harder

Now is a great time to perfect those study habits before heading off to college. Instead of falling prey to bad habits like not studying for a test or forgetting to turn in homework assignments, make a conscious effort to study smarter. You can study smarter by establishing a study area, studying on a regular basis, setting study goals, creating a study plan, and following through. Read our blog post on effective study tips.

As soon as you start feeling unmotivated, uninspired, or just plain over school, it’s time to change your mindset. With only a few more months before graduation, you will soon be off on your next adventure in life. Don’t miss out on the end of senior year because you caught senioritis- enjoy it for all it’s worth!